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Auto Detailing | Clearbra applications | Paint touch up repair | Interior repair | Windshield repair | Headlight restoration

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Detailing Services:

Full Detail (a combination of an exterior and interior detail)

Exterior Detail:

Steamboat Detailing was hand selected in 2007 to restore the delicate finish on Air Force One so you can rest assured that your vehicle could not end up in more capable hands. You can read more about this project here

We also offer compounding, wet sanding and paint touch up at an additional charge to remove blemishes from your paint, while bringing out the perfect shine and gloss.

Interior Detail:

We are proud to be the only detailing shop in Steamboat that utilizes a dry vapor steam machine to clean your interior. Using dry vapor steam allows us to perform a much more gentle and thorough way to clean and disinfect your interior, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Full Details starting at $199

Interior or Exterior Details starting at $115

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Signature Detail

The signature package is perfect for exotics cars or any vehicle when a show car finish is demanded. The signature package includes all the services in a full detail plus: wet sanding, compounding and paint touch up. These additional steps will remove flaws in the paint and bring out the ultimate shine and gloss. This package is also for vehicles that need extreme paint correction due to deep scratches and other paint flaws. $395 to $1500

Mini Detail $139 - $239

This package is perfect for vehicles in good shape that only need a light cleaning

Maintenance Detail $79-$129

This package is designed to keep your vehicles appearance maintained in between full details

Deluxe Hand Wash $50 - $75

Basic Hand Wash $30 - $45

Paint Touchup $65 and up

Paint touch up is used to fix rock chips, nicks and scratches in your paint to prevent them from rusting. We computer match your paint to ensure the closest color match possible.

Aquapell Windshield Treatment $25

Aquapell is a water repellant that lasts 4 to 6 months, that helps you see better and drive more safely in any weather condition.

NO STAINS! Fabric Protection $45 - $95

Fabric protection is a liquid repellant that acts as an invisible barrier that makes food and liquid spills much easier to clean up

New Vehicle Protection Package

Your new vehicle is subjected to harsh environmental elements such a magnesium chloride and UV (ultra violet) rays. Our new car protection package is a complete protection package. This package protects the interior and exterior of your new vehicle (paint, leather and all fabric surfaces) from oxidation, stains, general wear and much more!

Most car dealers charge $800 - $1400 for this same services. We use the same products from the same manufacturers. Call us and let us explain the honest and true value in having your new vehicle protected. Price begins at $199.

Additional Detailing Services: